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Making Ozonated Olive Oil

Dr. Hulda Clark recommends the use of Olive Oil that has been ozonated for approximately 20 minutes. This is very easy to do with the Ozonator 400, but remember to rinse the bubble stone with hot water immediately afterwards to prevent it from getting "gummed" up. If you leave the oil in the porous bubble stone it will be more difficult to clean it out after it dries. The Ozonator 400 comes with two bubble stones, so you can use one for water and one for oil. You normally want to use the same stone for oil all the time because it is difficult to rinse all the oil out of the stone after each use.

Many companies talk about the ability to ozonate Olive Oil and produce a thick, creamy textured paste. Although it is theoretically possible to do so with a home ozone generator, in practice it's not going to happen quickly or easily, regardless of the claims of the manufacturer. It generally takes an expensive commercial grade ozone generator running continuously for a long time to thicken olive oil, so it's tough to get results with a typical consumer model, even with a 200 mg/hr output. Most of the inexpensive ozone generators being sold have an ozone output of less than 100 mg/hr, so they are even less likely to be successful.
The only real drawback to running a standard home ozone generator for many, many hours is the increased wear and tear on the pump and the actual ozone generator. If you over-do it, you can burn one or both out.

Just for fun, here are the typical instructions for producing Ozonated Oils. See if they work for you. If so, please let us know:

When ozone is bubbled into olive oil for long periods of time the oil eventually thickens, holding the ozone in the oil. When kept refrigerated this gel will hold its ozone for years. Applied to the skin, it is beneficial for cuts, scrapes and burns, insect bites, rashes, eczema, herpes, etc., acting as a natural oxidant. To use this instrument for that purpose (because the timer stops at 30 min.) you will need to re-set the machine every time after it shuts off. This is an important safety device and is built into the instrument. To achieve the minimum concentrations for an effective Ozonated oil, you will need to accumulate at least 24 total hours of ozonation. This does not need to be done in one consecutive time-frame.

Please Remember: The Ozonator 400 is not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. If you have a health related condition that requires medical attention always consult with a licensed health care professional.
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This is the ORIGINAL Ozonator 400 that's been on the market for a number of years. Thousands have been sold and we still think it's one of the very best Water & Oil ozonators on the market. We have the very latest updated version that is a bit smaller in size, with the same high ozone output and more reliable than ever.

Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizing agents in the world! It's 5 times more powerful than molecular chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. Ozone can be used in drinking water to purify it, to create a topical oil for treatment of minor cuts and burns, to sterilize fruits and vegetables, and much more.

The Ozonator 400 is an inexpensive product that will fully saturate an 8 ounce glass of room temperature water in less than 5 minutes.

Everything needed is included:

    * Ozonator 400 generator
    * One Cylinder-shaped bubble stone
    * One Round bubble stone
    * Tubing
    * One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The Ozonator 400 uses a highly-efficient Cold Corona Discharge ozone generator that has been reliably rated at a powerful 215 mg/Hr of constant ozone output. The unit comes with a built-in, low-vibration air pump, flexible tubing and the highest-quality ozone-resistant ceramic aerator (bubble) stone.

Ozone is a natural, colorless gas with a distinct fresh odor, similar to a day at the beach. When used properly it offers a wide range of benefits. Ozone is a natural molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. If you want to know what ozone smells like just close your eyes and imagine what it feels like outside right after a thunderstorm. That fresh, clean scent you are noticing is actually ozone purifying the air.

Ozone has powerful oxidation capabilities and is used to disinfect, sterilize and oxygenate water. When ozonated water is ingested the ozone provides a truly remarkable boost to the total amount of oxygen in the body and contributes to a natural and rapid detoxification. Ozone has been in use in Europe by thousands of health care practitioners for over 100 years. Only since roughly the mid '90's has it become popular in the U.S.

The Ozonator 400 is extremely easy to use: simply insert the bubble stone and tubing into a glass of water, set the timer (from 1 minute to 30 minutes) and you're ready to go!

The Ozonator 400 runs quietly and the timer will turn the unit off automatically. With an ozone output of 215 mg/hr it's powerful enough to ozonate olive oil the way Dr. Hulda Clark recommends.

According to laboratory testing the Ozonator 400 has the following output:

    * Concentration - 1.3 (mg/L)
    * Flow - 2.75 (LPM)
    * Output - 215 (mg/hr)

Household Uses for Ozone

    * Disinfecting meats, fruits and vegetables
    * Making Mouthwash or Gargle
    * Disinfecting toothbrushes, dentures, etc.
    * Ozonating Olive Oil
    * Ozonating Water
    * Skin and Scalp conditions
    * Many other uses

Please Note: The Ozonator 400 is NOT designed to be used as an air purifier. It's purpose is to ozonate water, oil and other foods.
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